Visibly Wicked llc

Bergen, New York
United States

"I like good strong words that mean something."—Louisa May Alcott (from "Little Women")

The power of words has been a fascination of mine since I began reading as a child. There is no doubt that words have an ability to make people feel something, inspire them to great heights, or lower them to the depths of despair. Years ago, I lost my ability to interact with the world. I effectively silenced myself and kept to my home, too afraid to leave or speak. It took more than a little time, more than a little help, to overcome this fear I had.

I created my first Visible Voice bracelet as a reminder that I was capable of overcoming my fear. The first word I wore was "Breathe", a gentle yet constant reminder that I could get through my fear if I just took a moment to breathe and calm myself. As I came out of my shell, conquered my fear, and began to experience the world again, more words followed. "I am courageous" and "I am daring", a new word or phrase, a new bracelet for each new phase of life I found myself in.

Visibly Wicked was born out of my love of words, and my need for a reminder. I hoped to encourage others to "be brave" or "Be kind". The messages are all personal, but at the core of it all, words are what prevail.

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